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Gold Star Home Care Services

40 Crescent Street
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453

Tel: 617-899-1151
Mobile: 703-586-0154
Fax: 978-392-7970
Email Address: info@goldstarhomecareservices.com

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Testimonials From Clients

Personal Care Services in Waltham, Massachusetts

Gold Star Home Care Services is greatly honored with the expression of approval, commendation and gratitude from our clients and their families. Browse through our testimonials and know why.

” I am recommending Gold Star Home Care Services 110% and without any reservation.

My needs were rather elementary from day surgery which required two days of 24/7
care which was excellent in every way. My hygiene, and other important issues were addressed and cared for with knowledge and dignity.

The reason I selected Gold Star was because I had several friends with relatives who were incapacitated with significant medical issues which required total care resulting in a long term relationship with the home health care aid, and respectful and outstanding staff. I witnessed the most unusual and exceptional devotion, dedication and concern for the patient.

Thank you Gold Star Home Care Services for your undivided attention, attention to detail, and attention to me. ”