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Gold Star Home Care Services

40 Crescent Street
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453

Tel: 617-899-1151
Mobile: 703-586-0154
Fax: 617-600-4728
Email Address: info@goldstarhomecareservices.com

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About Us

Home Care Agency in Waltham, Massachusetts

imageWe can never tell what will happen tomorrow, the next day or next month so we need to be prepared for any circumstances. We have experienced this kind of situation and that is why we decided years ago to start a home care agency in Waltham, Massachusetts that will cater to all needs of the people.

Our mission is to provide help and assistance to every individual specifically those who are in need. The founders of Gold Star Home Care Services knows that there is no small or big help, everything matters and this has encouraged them to create an organization that will give aide to people.

Through time we have expanded and our staff grew into numbers which helped us extend our hand to others. Our services are created to provide comforts to our patients.

If you are interested to avail any of our services or if you want to meet with us for a consultation, please Schedule An Assessment online so we can accommodate you. For questions and inquiries, you may reach us by calling 617-899-1151617-899-1151.